Toby Kaithakathottiyil

Toby Kaithakkathottiyil won the title, CMA Kalaprathibha 2017 showcasing his talents in Folk, Western and Cinematic dances as well as his acting skills in Fancy Dress. Toby participated in five individual items and 2 group performances. Toby currently holds the KCS Youth Festival Kalaprathibha title.

Toby is a 7th grade student at River Trails Middle School in Mount Prospect. Besides dancing, Toby also enjoys all sports especially basketball and is part of his school basketball team, the RTMS Chiefs! Toby is the eldest son of Binu and Tosmy Kaithakkathottiyil. Binu has his own business and Tosmy works as an Emergency Room nurse at NorthShore University Healthsystem. Toby has a younger brother, Timmy who is in 5th grade at Christian Liberty Academy. Tara, Toby’s younger sister is in 3rd grade also at Christian Liberty Academy. Toby and his siblings enjoy dancing and are good competitors among themselves!

Toby began dancing at the tender age of 5 with his dance Master, Thomas Sir and has been his student ever since. Toby kindly expresses his gratitude to Thomas Sir for his continued dedication in teaching him the Folk dance as well as the group performances. Toby is also learning western dance from Thomas Sir’s son, Anjose (Appuchettai) for the last three years. Toby wants to say thanks to Appuchettai for his support and hard work in teaching him the western dances both the single and group. Toby would also like to dedicate his Kalaprathibha title to his parents, who have guided him throughout his dancing journey. “I would not have been able to earn my Kalaprathibha trophy without my family’s support and commitment, especially to my mom! Thank You!”