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Registration fee per team $50 ,Juniors $25

Deadline Registration (30 April 2018)
For more info contact: Coordinator
Jithesh Chungath : 224 522 9157

Tomy Ambenattu   : 630.992. 1500
Bigi C Mani      : 847.650.1398
Anish Anto       : 773.665.0004
Shabin Mathews   : 773.870.3390
Philip Alappat   : 847.636.8690
Renjan Abraham(CMA PRESIDENT) : 847. 287.0661
Jimmy Kaniyaly(CMA SECRATARY) : 630.903.7680
Philip Puthenpurayil(CMA TREASURER) :773. 405. 5954

Chicago Malayalee Association Badminton Open tournament 2018- General Rules

1. Competitions will be conducted in the following 5 categories, Open, Juniors seniors, Women’s & Mixed. 2. All teams must have a team captain and wear single color Jersey during the game.
3. Teams cannot exchange players once thy register as a team.
4. *At least one parent of the competitor should be a Malayalee.
5. All participants should report to the assigned area 15 minutes before game begins.
6. Pool matches one set only, Knock out rounds will be best of three.
7. CMA reserves the rights to cancel any competition and/or to change the venue, time, order, rules and/or disqualifies participants.
8. All complaints and suggestions should be submitted in writing to the Organizers.
9. No refund will issued after May1st.
10. Age criteria Juniors 15 and below. Seniors 45 and above

Athlete’s Waiver, Pledge and Consent Agreement

In consideration of the acceptance of my entry into the competition known as the CMA Badminton Tournament 2017, I, intending to be legally bound, do hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive, release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages, including any claims for loss, damages or injury to my person or property arising out of the performance or failure of performance of the State of Illinois, the CMA Badminton Tournament, any and all sponsors, groups providing sanction or approval, owners of sites, and/or the respective officer/agents, representatives, successors and/or assigns of the parties named above for any and all claims for damage to person or property sustained by me in connection with, association or entry in, and/or arising from activity related to the CMA Badminton Tournament.

I have full knowledge that the sport in which I have entered carries significant risk of personal injury, in some cases very severe injury, even death. I also agree that I am responsible for my own safety. I declare that to the best of my knowledge, I am in good physical condition and have no disease or injury that would be aggravated by my participation in activities related to the CMA badminton games.

Rules and Regulations

Games will be conducted as 3 sets of 21 points match each, except the 1st round league matches. Each game will be played in the rally format. The first team/player to reach 21 points will win. The 1st round league matches will be ONLY a game of 1 set and the winner will score 3 points.

In case of a tie at 20 – 20 the match will end at when any team gets 2 consecutive points. In case of a tie at 29 – 29 the match the first team to reach 30 will win

Team/player winning 2 out of 3 will accumulate 3 points during the 1st round. Four (4) top teams with the highest point will advance to the second round where the matches will be on a knock-out basis. In case of two (2) teams tally with same points the winner of the game amongst themselves will advance in ranking. In case of three (3) teams tally with same points then the ranking will be based on the point difference for each team. If the point difference for 3 three teams tally then the ranking will be based on a lucky draw.

All players must report to the stadium at 7.30  AM CST to confirm registration

Players have to report at the court 5 minutes prior to their scheduled game time

Absence of a team/player may result in disqualification and an automatic win (Walk Over) for the opponent team

Players or teams are not allowed for any participant substitution or replacement subsequent to registration

Teams are allowed to have 1 person accompanying them for assistance/coaching

Players and officials are the only personnel allowed on game floor during the course of a game

Shuttle Cock (Birdie) hitting the ceiling and side walls of the court are considered “outside” the boundary

Tournament will be conducted using Feather shuttlecock and match referee will provide shuttle as and when required. All games are subjected to referee’s final decisions

The Organizers reserves the right to change, alter, modify or delete any of the above at any point of time for the better conduct of the tournament while remaining within the broad guidelines set forth herein

CMA is not liable for any injuries during the event

I understand that the consumption of alcoholic beverages or non-prescribed drugs at any CMA Badminton Tournament venues, events or dormitories is strictly prohibited and that failure to conduct myself in a socially responsible manner (to be determined by CMA  authorities) will result in immediate expulsion from the CMA Badminton Tournament. I hereby consent to allow my picture or likeness to appear in any official documentary, sponsor advertisement or exclusive television coverage of the CMA  Badminton Tournament in any manner incidental to my participation in the CMA Badminton Tournament and without compensation to me. I declare that I have personal medical coverage and that I have read all of the above and understand the release and waiver, and by signing it agree to all its items.

I hereby agree that I will abide by any rules and regulations mentioned here as well as the directives given by the officials on or off the stadium during the event date.

Blank Registration Form

Click here to download blank registration form.