Election Notification for 2018-2020

Date : May 14th  2018

Dear Member,

The General Body meeting of  The Malayalee Association of Chicago ( Chicago Malayalee Association) held on 6th May 2018  unanimously elected Former Presidents  Joseph Nelluvelil  (Chairman), P.O.Philip and  Joy Vachachira as the Election Committee members  to conduct the Elections on 5th August 2018.   As you know the present Board of Directors is completing its term of office on October 31st, 2018, it is time to initiate the process of election of a new Board.

Nomination on the prescribed form attached with this notice are invited from eligible candidates for Twenty-Three positions. President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Joint Treasurer and seventeen Board members. Out of Seventeen Board Members two are reserved for Women, one for Seniors (Age 60 and above) One for youth (age between 18 and 30) The Election Committee is responsible for obtaining nominations for all twenty-three positions and preparing a slate. As per the constitution and the recent amendment dated 24th September 2017, please note the following:

  1. Publishing of the  Voters list in the website- 20th May 2018. If any disputes or corrections in the voters list, it is to be brought to the Election Committee chairman with a copy to the President and Secretary before 27th May 2018with valid supporting documents
  2. Those who became member of the Malayalee Association of Chicago on or before 1st January 2017 are eligible to become a Board Member
  3. Candidates to the Executive positions should have served as a Board of Director at least for one term (19 months)
  4. This  Election notification shall be published by email and the website in the last week of May 2018
  5. Last date of submitting nomination :  19th June 2018.
  6. Scrutiny and Publishing of the approved list of nominations   20th June 2018 evening.
  7. The last date to withdraw the nominations :  27th June 2018.
  8. The final   list of candidates will be published in the website :  1st July 2018
  9. Election will be conducted on Sunday,5th  August 2018 from 11 am till 9 pm at our office (834 E Rand Rd, Suite 13, Mount Prospect, IL-60056)
  10. The counting will be immediately after the election

Please send in the completed nomination forms to the address below

Joseph Nelluvelil

600 St Cecelia Dr,

Mount Prospect, IL – 60056,

If you need any further information, Please call me at Tel: 847 334 0456


Joseph Nelluvelil,

Chairman, Election Committee

CMA Election 2018 – General Rules and Guidelines

CMA Election 2018 – General Rules and Guidelines


Final List of Approved Candidates for the Election to be conducted on 5th August 2018