This constitution Amendment was prepared by The constitution Amendment Committee appointed by the General Body  held in October2016. Committee Members are


1.    Jose Kaniyaly ( Chairman)

2.    Benny Vachachira

3.    Rincy Kurian

4.    George Nellamattam

5.    Joshy vallikalam


Initial Suggestions were sent to the Secretary of Chicago Malayalee Association  asking him to get the  opinion or the current Board of Directors

This is the revised amendments are as per the suggestions of the Current Board of Directors

Request this is to be circulated to the Email of CMA Members and publish in the website so that if any of the members are having no emails can  have an access to the modifications.


This amendments to be submitted  to the General Body of Chicago Malayalee Association  which will be held in September 2017 for Final Approval




Jose Kaniyaly


(For the Constitution amendment Committee)

(Signature not required as this is an electronically generated version)

Some of the amendments like the time of election etc were already approved by the General Body in the year 2016 itself. Since we are making a new printout of the amended constitution, that also shown in red color

Click here to download constitution amendment