Ansel Thomas Mullappallil

In 2016 Kalamela event Ansel competed in junior category and won following prizes

Fancy Dress – 1st
Elocution English – 2nd
Western Dance- 3rd
Western Dance Group-2nd
Mr. Ansel Thomas Mullappallil again won the “CMA 2015-Kalaprathibha” by competing in Sub-Jr category. He participated in five individual items and one group item.

Folk Dance (1st Prize)
Western Dance (1st prize)
Bollywood Dance (2nd Prize)
Fancy Dress (1st Prize)
Painting-Water Color (no prize)
Western Dance-Group (1st Prize)
He earned 18 points and won the Kalaprathibha title. He won this title last year also. He is the youngest child of Alex and Lizy Mullappallil, and studies at Fairview Middle School, Skokie. So Congratulations Ansel !!!.

This is what he shared with us in his own words “Hi I’m Ansel and I am very thankful to CMA for giving me the tittle of Kalaprathibha. I’m the fourth child and the youngest in the family, I’m also in fourth grade. This is the second time in a row that I won Kalaprathibha. I do dance,gymnastic, and also play soccer. When I grow up my goals are to become a software developer and a pharmacist. I’m so thankful to the teachers who taught me the dances Jinoo aunty, Lalu aunty, and Thomas Sir because they all loved me so much.”

Thank you CMA -Ansel Mullappallil