The Chicago Malayalee Association, established in 1972, is the oldest and largest Malayalee association in North America. It is a registered, non-profit, socio – cultural organization in the State of Illinois, and has almost 2500 registered members now.

The purpose of this Association is to promote social, cultural, charitable, educational, and literary activities among the Malayalees of Metropolitan Chicago area, all over Illinois and the Midwest region. The Chicago Malayalee Association organizes co-operative and charitable activities in the general interest and well-being of the members of the association as and when required, and coordinates such activities with other communities.

The Association tries to preserve and promote Indian culture, especially Kerala culture, through various festivals and events organized throughout the year. Some events conducted annually are Onam festival, Kerala Piravi, Christmas and New year Celebration, Kalamela/Youth Festival, Indian Independence Day Parade, Picnic, Basketball tournament, Volleyball tournament, Cheettukali Malsaram (Cards game), Socio-cultural symposium, and Charcha Vedi (Debate Forum). The Association has a Youth Forum, a Senior’s Forum, and a Women’s Forum, to cater to the various needs and interests of the different groups.
The Women’s forum is one of the most active branches of the association and it has a vibrant and enthusiastic group of women working for it and they conduct various programs throughout the year.

The Chicago Malayalee Association (CMA) conducts charity events as a part of the regular activities of the organization. CMA donated $25,000 to the Kerala Flood relief fund in 2017. In the last few years, CMA donated towards building twelve houses for under privileged families and widows in Kerala, with the help of Mrs. M. S. Sunil (Sunil teacher), a social activist based in Kerala,
The Chicago Malayalee Association works for the socio-cultural well being and growth of the Malayalee community holding on tight to the traditions of Kerala culture.