All members of the Chicago Malayalee Association (CMA),

Certain members of the Chicago Malayalee Association are making false allegations against the association regarding the ongoing election process. The association board is forced to respond to these allegations through the media.

All the election procedures were conducted as per the constitution of the Chicago Malayalee Association. One of the accusations was that the election notification was not sent on time. However, the election was announced and a general body meeting was convened to elect an election committee before May 31st, per the constitution. Five previous presidents were elected as the election commission. Any further notifications are the responsibility of the election committee. The election committee, after discussing with the executive board, finalized a date for election as August 6, 2023, and was announced by them.

The election committee unexpectedly resigned 3 days before the deadline for submission of nominations, without any valid reason. Under these circumstances, as per the constitution, the board of directors filled the vacancies of the election committee, in order to continue the election process in due time. The new election committee has started the election process.

The following is the response given by the board of directors to the written request received from some members to call a special general body meeting:

To the signatory in the petition,

The board of directors has decided to convene a “Special General Body” meeting as requested by you. The signed petition was received on 06/07/2023, but the cashier’s check was received on June 20, 2023. As per the constitution, we have to start the proceedings to convene a general body meeting within 2 weeks of receipt of the petition and the cashier’s check. The general body meeting can only be convened with a 2 weeks notice to the members of the association.

In order to convene the general body meeting we have to first verify the membership of the signatories on the given petition. So please provide the official name, address, and phone number of all the signatories.

Thank you
Joshy Vallikalam
Chicago Malayalee Association
312 685 6749